Craig's Story
OK here is my story
Craig Ketchum Born 12/15/47
Diagnosed May 2001,
still here

In May of 2001, my sons senior year in high school
and him being the number one
pitcher on his team,
I was looking forward to
many afternoons of baseball bliss.
That was not to be,
I went in for what my wife and I
thought was a normal operation
on my testicle sack
(a tear from sports)
only to have a growth on
my right testicle
diagnosed as Meso.
A second opinion was sought
and it was confirmed,
so I now I am just a lefty with
a mind numbing cancer dx
and I must say
I was in the pits for a long time.
My wife was all alone
in the hospital
when the doctor talked to her ,
we just thought it was
a minor procedure,
the fright she must have felt
I can only imagine.

Because my tests were coming back negative,
I decided against chemo and radiation.
I just thought whatever time
I had I wanted to enjoy.
I worked for US Gypsum back in the days
before I was drafted into the Army
during the Vietnam War.
USG has denied my claim
even though I am considered a level eight
and I fit into the time frame
when Asbestos flowed freely in the plant
(any Lawyers reading this,
now is the time to call).
For some silly reason the politicians
have allowed these companies
to set time limits as to when you can file.
I worked for them over 30 years ago
and they say I should have
claimed workman’s comp
but it wasn’t even diagnosed
until 23 years after I worked for them.

Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk,
I was just hoping to have something setup
for my wife and family after I am gone.
This cancer I am told never goes away,
it just kind of hides and lurks.
So even if it comes back
I have had 10 years and counting of extra time,
4 new beautiful grand children
(I have 6 in total),
a wonderful and much consumed wife
(no one can truly measure
the strain she been thru)
and four wonderful and loving
children and their spouses.

I run a computer consulting firm,
which allows me to spend a lot of time
with my family which I truly enjoy.
 Because of my diagnosis
I have not made the smartest
decisions when it comes to money.
I was not thinking long
term only short term
and I wanted to do things.
The extension of time has really
screwed up my plans,
no just kidding.

I take every day as a new joy,
I love sitting on the front porch
and watching the sunrise,
I love sitting on the back porch
watching the sunset.
I love the Ocean,
in fact I love water.
I wish I had the ability to make my
wife relax and let go,
I see trepidation in her eyes everyday
wondering is today the day.

Borrow all the beauty
that's round you everyday
Hold each lovely joy that life
has ever brought your way
Store your happy moments
so that every now and then
When your days aren't
quite so bright
They'll bring sunshine
back again


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