Following are the stories from other people
who have been affected by asbestos.
Any person who would like to tell their story
so other's may learn what asbestos has done to them
and their family's can contact me by email.
How they were exposed
and what signs and symptoms
they had before being diagnosed,
can all help someone else
who may be reading this and are trying
to find out how they were exposed
I feel very privileged to think other people
have wanted to include their stories.
Eventually, I hope to put these stories
into a book I would like to write
Then if my website has to be removed
for any reasons,
your stories will still be told.
My heartfelt thoughts and thanks go out to you all.


Dalinda's Story
Darlene's Story
Pat's Story
Sandy's Story
Sherry's Story
Wanda's Story
Dinah's Story


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